DVD releases:

Altitude 1000

[foton007] Various Artists - Altitude 1000

Altitude 1000 focuses on Brussels-based artists who combine sound and image in a refreshing way: from vj's to new media hackers, performance artists to installation designers. The Altitude 1000 compilation DVD is the first result of an exciting search through the unique, yet fragmented Brussels audiovisual landscape. [view details]


In human format

[foton005] Bent Object and FoAM - In human format

In human format' is the collaboration between Bent Object's music and FoAM's visuals. Brussels-based artists Peter Van Hoesen, Susanne Bentley (Bent Object), Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney (FoAM) present an intense audiovisual language. They draw the spectator into a world where sounds and patterns shift and blend organically into each other. [view details]


Online releases:

Wary Observer EP

[foton009] Object - Wary Observer EP

How far can one stretch and bend the relationship between different percussive elements and patterns? The tracks on the Wary Observer EP are based on rapidly evolving rhythms, combining sparse melodies with miniature intervals and erratically evolving broken beats. Idiosyncratic electronic music, requiring the listener's undivided attention. [view details]

Behavioral Science EP

[foton008] Eavesdropper - Behavioral Science EP

The Behavioral Science EP contains four tracks, each one crafted with a deep love for and knowledge of the language of sound. Eavesdropper's electronic sound sculptures are infused with a large dose of analogue sensations. In every track a story unfolds, slowly guiding you into a parallel world.  [view details]

Remote review EP

[foton006] Object - Remote Review EP

First in a series of three Object EP's released in digital format. Peter Van Hoesen's experimental alter ego cranks out four tracks of high-res machine blues. Whether it's mutated breakbeats striving to release themselves from a layer of insistent soundscapes ('Gordon takes a break') or semi-acoustic sounds arranged in a deceivingly minimalist manner ('Folk Four'). [view details]


CD releases:


[foton004] RM - 1025

RM is the cooperation between Jeroen Baekelandt and Peter Van Hoesen (aka Object). They produce a dense yet minimal sound, using the city as major theme of inspiration. 1025 presents the listener with heavy-mental electronics, taking the Foton sound one step further into auditory exploration. [view details]



[foton003] Object - Release the object

'Release the object' is Object's debut album. Minimal, refined sounds evolve into to repetitive rythmic patterns and complex sound structures. This is indeed the sound of the object: music seen as a repetitive series of events and objects within a musical space. An intruiging album by Foton Records co-founder Peter Van Hoesen.[view details]



[foton002] Ultraphonist - Discover the antistress with ...

Ultra-low frequencies, combined with a subtle feeling for composition. Ultraphonist, being the duo Gabriel Séverin and Marc Moedea (Silk Saw and Jardin d'Usure), presents music you have to feel. The omnipresent soundpressure that is created gives a new meaning to the term resonance. [view details]



[foton001] Urawa - Villa Vertigo

An excursion into minimal ambient. Urawa members Olivier Moreau (Imminent Starvation), John Sellekaers (Xingu Hill) and Hervé Thomas (Fragile) present an intriguing architectural soundscape. Slowly evolving, a partnership of organic and mechanical sounds takes you on a soundhearing tour in a house you would not especially want to live in. [view details]


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