About Foton

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Foton is a Brussels-based leftfield collective dealing with electronic music and media. Since 2000 our projects have been presented worldwide in the form of unique installations, performances, parties, CD /DVD releases, workshops and a festival.

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We hope we can get our message accross to you through the information on our web site. We're interested in your opinion, demos and any other blurb you consider fit for transmission. Get in touch, we'd like to hear from you.

Foton team:

Hans De Man: founder, manager, accountancy

Peter Van Hoesen: founder, manager, a&r

Diana Raspoet: chairman

Creative and technical department:

Hans De Man: installation artist

Peter Van Hoesen: installation artist

Max Tilgenkamp: graphic designer

Laurence Konyk: lighting designer

Jean-Paul Schepens: allround technician

Chaim Demarée: webmaster


Foton vzw

Gaucheretstraat 4/156 
B-1030, Brussels 


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